Peter BrittainI live in between Western Australia and Indonesia, the father of 2 beautiful children and husband to an equally beautiful wife. When not working, I try to entertain, encourage and educate my kids – all the time wrestling with my wife about taking more time off.

After a torturous education, I took a rather circuitous route through a long list of jobs from salesman, stockbroker, acid house dj, nightclub promoter, club manager and owner – learning more about the city’s nightclubs and alcohol consumption than anyone really needs to. All the time my father waited for me to get a “real job” with holiday pay.

I am a Jack of all trades, master of none. I first started dabbling in design and search engine optimisation (seo) around ‘98. Today, I try and co-ordinate a team of geeks, while always listening to a vast array of music – and carefully avoiding endless meetings.

I’ve definitely never been bored; I hope the same can be said for you after graciously taking time to read this.

All the best, PB.

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