Use software for web design: these days you can find various web design software tools in the market. You can either choose advanced or beginner software for website designing depending upon your skills and knowledge. Some of the web designing software is Flash, Front page, Dreamweaver, and so on. You can also get some inexpensive software in the market but make sure that they provide the level of quality you require.

Frame a layout: decide the kind of layout you want for your website. For effectiveness, it is always advisable to make the layout as simple as possible.

Update your website: always update your website. Outdated sites are boring. Keep the interest level up always.

Keep a backup: if your website suffers a crash or attack you need a backup for your website, it will help you to get the website back online in a short period. These are usually your local file copies, but can also be extended to other drives or websites especially created for such a purpose.

Interactive website: make your website interactive by using different forms, tabs buttons or text boxes. The more the interaction between you and the user, the better the results.