Your graphic format should also be easily accessible by different browsers. Images can be stored and transported under various formats. The more common ones are JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Some GIF users have run into patent problems and have thus shifted to PNG or JPEG formats. There are various other graphic formats but since most work only with a limited number of browsers, it is better to stick to a format that the maximum number of browsers can access.

If possible, try to ensure that all the browsers load the text on your Website so that your visitors can browse over the content of your site as your graphics load on to the page. This will prevent your visitors from leaving your site if the graphics or animations take a longer time in loading.

Thus, in order to cater to a wide variety of visitors from various corners of the world, it is necessary to design your Website in a format that can satisfy the maximum number of visitors irrespective of their operating systems or their browsers.

By designing and testing your Website with various browsers, you can detect and remove any flaws and thus ensure that your Website loads smoothly on to your visitor’s machine.