If you have designed your own Website or have hired professionals to design it for you, then there are some essential steps to be taken before, during and after the Website is up and running. Failure to do so could result in a monetary loss. Here are some vital tips to avoid losing money on your Website design.

Plan In Advance

Even before touching your keyboard or your mouse, make sure that you have a well-documented plan in your hand. You should conduct a detailed research on your target audience, their needs, their software and hardware capabilities and the amount of money that they might be ready to shell out, once they have access to your site. This survey will enable you to place the right design and the right products in front of your target audience. Just designing a Website and waiting for visitors to arrive and provide business is like shooting in the dark. You just might find a bullet ricocheting off a wall and striking you. A geographical, cultural and financial profile of your target audience is thus necessary, before you start designing your website.

Keep Your Design Unique And Fresh

Instead of just picking up any design and pasting it on your Website, ensure that you have a unique design that speaks a thousand words as soon as your visitors open your home page. You will need to create a positive impact in the first few seconds, since most visitors will tend to move away to another site, if they are not ‘wowed’ as soon as they enter your site. Do not use too many colors or very high-resolution images, since that will only slow down your site. Instead use limited colors wisely to present your site in a fresh and unique manner.

Keep all your images as small as possible and ensure that your navigation keys and icons are clearly defined and displayed.