If you have your own business or simply want to have your own website to reach out to prospective customers you need a great website. Your potential customers or clients want to see you on the net.

website-designing-patnaYou do not need to be an expert at designing websites to start off. You need to just be aware of three things; using HTML, registering for a domain name and finding a service to host your website.

The first thing that the website needs is a domain name. A domain name is nothing but the address for your identity on the Internet. For e.g www.google.com, is the domain name for the search engine by Google. Your domain name has to be registered for a certain period of time. The name that you decide should be such that it easily identifies with your company name or product that you are selling or the purpose of the website.

It should be easy to remember and as short as possible. If you can include one of your keywords in it – then great – but it isn’t essential. Something quirky, that also stands out as being different is also a good way to go.