One of the biggest mistakes a website owner makes is – they envisage a website that is all ‘looks’ with little thought put into Internet marketing.

They spend thousands of dollars on a ‘pretty’ website full of flashy effects which brings in $0 in revenue. You have to ask yourself, what good is a flashy website without any visitors?

Design-MistakesSure major companies spend a lot of money on making their website extravagant, flashy, and interactive, but they already have traffic because of their name. The last thing a smart business owner should do is copy the idea of having an expensive flashy website like those large corporations.

A smart business owner understands that for a website to sell it’s main focus needs to be copywriting and marketing, and will put design second.

For a company to be successful on the Internet, that company must direct their focus on website marketing and worry about how it looks after that.

When our clients make money using our advice, training, and of course our web design services, they are happy. When our clients are happy, they bring us more business through referrals – which suits us! Sure we love designing flashy sites, but that is not our sole intention.

We would rather build a professional website that brings your company traffic, which turns to revenue. This is what makes our website development company different from any other.