Many frustrated business owners will use Google Ads who will ask “Why is my campaign not working”. Having analysed the data, it will often become clear that the click through rate (CTR) is very low. A digital agency such as will inform you that this indicates when people see the ad they are not convinced, inspired, or motivated enough to click on it to be taken to the advertiser’s website or landing page.

The main reason for low CTR is that the copy within the ad is poor. An ad’s copy is what induces the person reading it to click on it, and if it is not sufficiently appealing, then even if the text is related to the keyword the person searched for, they might read the ad, but instead of clicking it they will read the next ad, and if the copy there is good, they will most likely click on it.

Google Ads copywriting is often overlooked by some as the amount of text in an ad is no more than 30 characters per line for headlines and 90 characters per line for the description. However, it is exactly for that reason that your copywriting on each ad must be exceptional. Here are some ways you can achieve that.

Create More Than One Version Of Your Ad Copy: Having multiple version of your ad means you can use a variety of appeals and emphasis to see which get the highest CTR. Examples include focussing on solving a problem in one ad, and an ad whose focus is on the benefits.

Test Each Of Your Ads: By testing ads, you can continually strive to get the best possible CTR. This testing can include A/B testing where you make one change, perhaps even a single word, to see which one performs best.

Include Known ‘Power’ Words In Your Ad Copy: Copywriting has several principles and within them are the use of power words. These are words proven to improve conversion rates. Examples of power words include ‘You’, ‘Imagine’, ‘Announcing’, ‘Breakthrough’, and ‘Secret’. You will discover (that is another one) dozens more if you research copywriting online.

Appeal To Emotions, Not Logic: People make many decisions based on emotion and then justify them with logic. So, your ads should speak to their heart, or their emotions, not their brain. Use emotive words, not facts to induce people to click your ad.

Promote The Benefits Of Clicking: No one is going to click your ad if they do not feel they have reason to and that is where benefits come in. If they feel it will be beneficial to click your ad they will so include at least one benefit in your ad copy.

Answer The Questions Your Audience Will Be Asking: Doubt is your worst enemy in Google Ads and one way to overcome doubt in a person’s mind is to answer a question for them before they ask it. What questions might people have about your business/product/ service? Where possible answer them in the copy of one of your ads.

Include Keywords In Your Destination URLs: Your ad will contain the URL that the person will be clicking through to, and a great way to benefit from that is to have at least one keyword in the URL of the page. This is done by creating a subdomain in your hosting panel or as the page name in your WordPress dashboard.