If a visitor sticks around your website and reads your completely reads your content, it would be pretty safe to say they like what they see. When visitors read what you have to offer they are left wondering – what’s next? There’s different things that are offered such as other related posts or ads, but if someone has stayed around long enough to read the entire content, you need to recognize that this is the perfect time to ask for their email address. Your web designer needs to create a web design that promotes subscriptions.

E-newsletters are still an excellent way to connect with potential and current customers regularly. But collecting email addresses isn’t as easy as it might seem. Even those individuals that love what your site has to offer may become hesitant when you want their email address even when you are going to be providing an e-newsletter. Let us look at ways you can convert visitors to be subscribers.

#1 Offer Them Something

newsletter2You have just told them if they give you their email address, you’ll send them an e-newsletter. That sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it? What else could they want? Actually, you may be surprised to learn they want more. You need to offer something that is over and above the- newsletter. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it can be something like a white paper or a short e-book are great gifts to entice that email sign up.

#2 Make Certain Your Subscription Form is Very Visible

If you want the visitors on our website to sign up to receive your e-newsletter they have to be easily find the form. Too often it is tucked someplace where visitors don’t easily see it. Make sure that it’s near the top of the page. In fact, make it a prominent feature and you’ll significantly increase your sign up rate.

#3 Put the Sign Up on Every Page of Your Website

If you want to increase your sign up rate, put the subscription form on every single page of your website. That way visitors will find it no matter where they are on your website.

#4 Ask Your Subscribers to Share the E-Newsletter With Others

One of the best ways to grow your subscriptions is to tell your current subscribers to share the e-newsletter with friends and family. Include the request with every issue.