Designing a website is a crucial business task.

Below are few tips which can help to guide you if you plan to design a website.

Be organized: one of the greatest flaws, which many novice designers are prone to, is organization. Your web site must be well organized and not just for you but for visitors. Make the navigation tools convenient so that the user can search for information easily. Don’t let your visitor get lost under several layers of pages without a clear way out.

Don’t write too much text: don’t over stuff your website with too much text. You can break up the content and put bullets, bold words or make short paragraphs. This will help the reader understand text easily.

Visitors never read every word you write – no matter how interesting you think you might be! Rather they scan the pages. If you need to write a lot of text to cover a subject, I usually find it best to use javascript links to expand/collapse text blocks. This will allow the visitor to go to which ever section thay are interested in – and expand that particular section without getting hit by a huge page of text. But if you find the designing process overwhelming and you need help, Northern Lights Web Design in Perth can help you get the best quality website design.