There are many things you would like to do for your website but you should not do.

Here are a few tips that you should do and should not do for a better website design.

So, you are a music lover and would like to have some light background music for your website to set the mood right?

Music should always be kept to a minimum for websites. Files can be heavy and thus increase response times for your visitors. If you feel like you need to use music, then make sure you include an on/off button and try not to use music that may be offensive to other musical tastes.

Embedding music into flash files can be a good way to include music in your website as it can be optimised well, but it will still add valuable loading times to your pages.

The structure of web pages, is a very significant part of website designing. Most of the people surfing the net like consistency. This applies to the structure of your web pages as well. So, even if you are bored of the same structure, stick to it. Do not try to experiment and create different structures of different web pages. This might end up confusing the visitor and thereby forcing him/her to exit.

Automatic pop-ups can be a real nuisance for net surfers.

If you are toying with the idea of whether or not to include some in your website, then don’t!

Pop-ups are typically used when you want to display some unimportant information. Most visitors know this fact and thus do not like automatic pop-ups. If there is any information that you would like to incorporate as automatic pop-up, then integrate it in your website. However, this should be done in an interesting way to grab the attention of your readers instead of shooing them away by having pop-ups.

You may be surprised to know how much people prefer the old conventional methods when it comes to navigating websites. Top companies have researched on the style of navigation that most people prefer, and the results have been in favor of the old conventional systems. However, if you are tempted to use a funky navigational style, like all links arranged in a circle, then resist your temptation and stick to the convention.

Everyone likes to be their own boss. This also applies to people visiting your website. So, if you have a particular style for your window that will look good only in a particular window size then drop your idea. Because, if you continue with the same, you will have to add scripts that will automatically resize the window of your website visitor and this can tick off people! So, go for a style that is flexible and fluid.

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