Regular readers on Earth Movin’ Media would know that along with web design, I quite often write about search engine marketing techniques on this blog.

However, for more in-depth search engine marketing strategies – then I also write another blog covering internet marketing strategies and search engine ranking factors for web design and development. You will find it here – internet marketing blog

websiteslinks-iconWriting articles is an art, and something that has long been used as an option to build relevant links to websites for the purpose of Internet marketing. The idea is to write good articles to create great content for search engines.

If you write and submit good quality articles with content that is relevant to your product or service, it can be seen as highly useful and therefore generate lots of relevant, high quality links to your website


So how does this fit in with web design?

You will no doubt be asked along the way by clients to assist in their web marketing. Maybe not in a big design firm where you operate as a designer only. But, if you choose to go out on your own, you will find that you are requested to fulfill multiple tasks that you may not have expected to do.

So here we go.

Using good content, you can create good articles (& blogs) which can then create direct links to the website. This is done in the article BIO that you will be asked to include when submitting articles to directories such as Ezine Articles or Slinky Directory.

Creating good content requires writing on topical issues relevant to the website you want to link to.

• When you are writing content for article links, your focus is not only prospective customers but also other bloggers or writers who are writing similar type of content. When you have good quality content, you will find that many people rely on your content for interesting information. Similarly, if you put interesting content in your blogs and/or discussion forums you will also attract many visitors. This is noticed by other companies. Such companies will contact you for partner links. It would be mutually beneficial for both companies as the traffic that one pulls add on to the other’s links to a certain extent.

• You may select a topical issue on which to write. If there is some issue that matters most to your industry, a discussion based on it can become very interesting if handled cleverly. Such a discussion can give you a great insight to the industry, as well as have some new ideas or opinions about the issue in question.

• When you develop content, ensure that it becomes conversational. When people are tempted to participate in discussions and when your conversations become more popular, you find a large number of visitors. With the added traffic to your website, you will find more and more companies approach you to share links. You have to be diligent in selecting only the links that will add value.

• Other companies can be happy to share links with you if you have good quality content. Write your articles correctly and precisely. When other sites find linking to your sites beneficial for traffic creation you can well feel assured of getting their traffic as well. This helps in improving your page ranking.

• When you create content, pay attention to the basics. The use of title, headings, spelling, and grammar is vital. Break articles into meaningful sections, word counts, etc. Moreover make sure that you do not try too hard to promote your product or service in the articles.

You should be able to submit your articles to different publishers. Try submitting to social networking and social bookmarking sites such as digg. These sites can potentially deliver huge traffic and great links.